What is Minisite?

Minisite is a sales page that are generally in the form of a column web site that sells digital products, such as PDF ebooks, software, audio, web video, membership, online courses and so forth. However, there is no doubt that companies or individuals using Minisite to sell physical products as effective Minisite more practical and proven to increase the quantity of product sales. Normally content to sell only one Minisite sales of single products or focus on one type of product only? This Minisite elements of which are as header graphics, a large headline, accompanied by a smaller sub-headline, utilizes a letter-style format, i.e. using terms such as: From:, Date:, Dear Friend: , addresses a readers problem, provides a solution, encompasses direct response marketing techniques such as: scarcity, social proof, guarantees, testimonials and call to action graphics, uses virtual product packages or ‘eCovers’ to create higher perceived value.

Apart from the verses sales assassin, Internet marketers also have to consider Minisite graphics to keep the credibility of their business and product sales. On the first page visitors see your Minisite, the first thing seen by visitors is whether you Minisite design looks professional or otherwise. Introduced in the early mid 1999 Minisite internet marketers only focus on marketing through sales verses only. But at the present time internet marketers more creative by using audio and video for more visible Minisite friendly visitors. Often used in audio Minisite for welcome to the visitors, while the use of video is usually for the purpose of introducing the product features in brief as most visitors prefer to see the video compared to reading. But the most likely visitors are more interested to read the contents of the verses selling after seeing the video though at first visitors are not interested in reading the contents of the sale.

The usual structure of a modern selling minisite is:

  1. Graphic header
  2. Video
  3. Graphic title
  4. Graphic subtitle
  5. Sales content
  6. Testimonials
  7. Johnson box (order form)
  8. Author signature
  9. P.S. section
  10. Order button
  11. Footer
  12. Menu
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